E-mail Contacts

Please contact us using any of the e-mail addresses below. Alternatively, if you want to contact the Community of Christ church which is nearest you, use the e-mail addresses on the Churches page.




British Isles Church President

Joey Williams
jswilliams at cofchrist.org


British Isles Church Financial Officer

Andrew Fox
afox at cofchrist.org


If you would like to purchase publications related to the Community of Christ please contact
Janice Fox
heraldhouseuk at cofchrist.org.uk






British Isles Headquarters Address

Community of Christ
Thanet Street,
Clay Cross,
S45 9JS

British Isles Church Office
01246 768831


British Isles Leadership Team Ministers

The following ministers have an area of ministry that they focus on. Please contact them if you have a question or enquiry related to that area.

Hannah Langford - Youth Contact -
youth at cofchrist.org.uk
Vikki Rathbone - Young Adult Contact -
youngadult at cofchrist.org.uk


Web site co-ordinator

Graham Wilson
thewebmaster at cofchrist.org.uk


community of christ

Community of Christ - www.cofchrist.org.uk

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