6th JanuaryCluster Evening/Discussion with Guest Minister Matt Frizzell
Denton 7 pm
7th JanuaryMission Centre Study Day - Everyone is Invited
Book of Acts - Matt Frizzell. Birmingham 10am - 5pm
8th JanuaryCluster Study Afternoon - Llanelli
Book of Acts - Matt Frizzell. 1pm - 6pm
17th - 19th FebruaryExplorers (school years 4 - 6)
Director: Claire Oliveri
17th - 19th FebruaryLeadership Team Retreat & Planning Weekend
Director: Joey Williams
4th March Evangelists, High Priests, Seventy, Leadership Team Gathering
Director: Richard James 
31st March - 2nd April Leading Congregations in Mission Retreat 7
Director: Sue Norton 
31st March - 2nd April Band Camp
Director: Dave Langford & Rachelle Fudio
23rd April British Isles Mission Centre Conference
1st - 5th May Spring Retreat
Directors: Ken & Grace Turner
5th - 7th May Open House
Director: Richard Barrington 
29th May - 3rd June Adventure Camp (school years 6 - 10)
Directors: Karen Norton & Sally Norton
1st - 2nd July Youth Rally (school years 2 - 13)
Directors: Leicester Young Adults 
31st July - 5th August Summer Camp
Co-ordinator: Angie Vickers
Guest Minister: Michele McGrath 
5th - 12th August Primitive Camp
Directors: Dave & Hannah Langford
7th - 10th August Children's Holiday Family Camp
4th - 8th September Autumn Retreat
Director: Ann Worth
23rd September Mission Centre Council Meeting
13th - 15th October Spirituality Weekend
Director: Cheryl Fox
25th - 27th October Children's Holiday Family Camp
Directors: Kington Group
29th Oct British Isles Mission Centre Conference
17th - 19th November Evangelists, High Priest, Seventy,
Leadership Team & Partners Retreat/Gathering
Director: Richard James 
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