16th - 18th February Explorers Camp (school years 4 - 6)
Director: Claire Oliveri 
16th - 18th February Leadership Team Retreat & Planning Weekend
Director: Joey Williams
23rd -25th March Peace Colloquy
Director: Peace Team
25th March Mission Centre Conference - Dunfield
25th March IYF Planning Meeting
British Delegation Leaders: Cheryl & Andrew Fox 
3rd - 6th April Children's Holiday Family Camp
Director: Angie Vickers
7th - 11th May Spring Retreat
Directors: Gina Rodrigues & Marianne Rowe
11th - 13th May Open Doors
Directors: Laura Trinkwon & Lee Emms 
28th May - 2nd June Adventure Camp (school years 6 - 10)
Directors: Paul & Gillian Vincent
9th June Seeker Ministry Training Day - Birmingham
30th June - 1st July Youth Rally (school years 2 - 13)
Directors: Matt Fox & Team 
17th - 31st July International Youth Forum & Spectacular
British Delegation Leaders: Cheryl & Andrew Fox
30th July - 2nd August Children's Holiday Family Camp
6th - 12th August Summer Camp
Directors: Chris & Kim Morris, Richard & Elaine Chapman
3rd - 7th September Autumn Retreat
Director: Linda Rushton
8th September Mission Centre Council Meeting
Chair: Joey Williams 
21 September International Day for Peace - Peace Project Day
12th - 14th October Skills for Mission Weekend
Coordinators: Angie Vickers, Richard Barrington,
Sally & Sue Norton 
12th - 14th October Band Camp
Director: Rachelle Kent 
28th October British Isles Mission Centre Conference
16th - 18th November Evangelist, High Priest, Seventy Retreat
Director: Richard James 
27th Dec - 1st Jan 2019 Winter Camp
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