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Rob McKay 10 September 2016

Greetings from NZ. I was Mormon. Now Anglican.

Holly Holloway 14 July 2013

From Oahu, HI. We will be sending you a letter from our children as a part of the service tomorrow 7-14-13

Nancy McClellan 16 January 2013

I am from the US and live in the Chicago, Illinois area. When traveling on business, I hope to visit your congregation!

Brendan McMahon 18 April 2012

Hi, I live in Dublin,Ireland-formerly LDS, now Mewthodist (Long story)-there are no CoC congregations in Ireland, but I would love to visit-hope to do so soon.

Twyla Glassford 18 February 2012

found your site as I was working on a Church School lesson in regards to the Mission of the Church around the world. Your little blue church building looks so inviting. I am so pleased to be connected in this way with members of the church around the world. Fom my congregatiaon in Windsor ON, Canada to yours, may God continue to bless you as you spread his message of love.

DAVID CRANE 28 January 2011

Good luck in all your ventures throughout 2011 and may God always be a beacon of shining light guiding you all

David Abbott 29 September 2010

Greetings from Taree New South Wales Australia. I found your site. It looks great and I will show some pictures at worship on the 10th October. Love to all from Taree.

Steven and Karen Bouverette 11 July 2009

visiting London september 25th 2009

Dave Smith 16 December 2008

Dear Friends, Several members of your Church were very kind and charitable to me when I was a homeless teenager back in 1992, I have never forgotten your kindness and I thank God that he inspired your hearts to help me during a particularly hard time in my life, I formerley belonged to the LDS church, but now worship with the Methodists! I would prayerfully encourage your branch of the Christian Church to continue helping people the way you do and I know that he will bless you for it! With much love in Jesus Christ from Date

thomas kent 03 October 2008

In 1944 I lived on London Rd. and my Lady Love lived on Lyme Rd. Evington Rd. I am a member of the Churdh Of Christ in USA.

michael s clarke 05 September 2008

thanks for last sundays sirvice .i send my love to you all

Lorin and Valerie Gray 04 September 2008

I'm sorry we didn't get to visit with you while we were living in England '79-'82. We are living in Jonesport, Maine, USA now and Lorin is the caretaker of our church campgrounds, Camp Winniaugwamauk, on Walker Pond May-Sept. every summer. Anyone please come join us if in the area. God bless you all in your outreach efforts there. There are ministry opportunities everywhere. Love, the Grays

Julia Crabtree 11 February 2007

You are to be commended for your great site. You give me inspiration to accomplish the same. We go to Community of Christ in Sedalia, MO in USA. We are right in the middle of the US. Keep going and growing. God Bless, Julia

david abbott 27 January 2007

nice church

Nicola Ward (nee Proctor) Denton, Manchester, UK 27 December 2006

Dear All my friends in the Leicester congregation, what a fab website, well done and hope you are all well and had a great christmas! Hoping to see you all very soon. May the new year bring you much joy. Loads of love, Nicola xxx

Carlton P. Willis 22 October 2006

Just wanted to say a quick hello from a fellow Christian from the United States. I am in the UK for a few days and was looking at a place to worship on Sunday. Although I am a practicing Baptist, I have attended churches of all denominations and have visited the RLDS headquarters in Independence as well as the LDS headquarters in Salt Lake City. I was somehow came across the directory of your church and your website and I would have joined your congregation tomorrow but I couldn't tell if you were actually having a service or not. Worshiping in a small church would have been quite a contrast from my usual Sunday service at Alfred Street Baptist Church in Axexandria, Virginia, USA. God bless all of you in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior.

tony crane 18 September 2006

good to see that we are getting a good respones in our guestbook

michael clarke 07 August 2006

hi i send my love to you all thanks for being a big part of gods love to me at dunfield.

Gary Cooke 03 March 2006

Glad to see the Church is going strong, if anyone remembers me from Nuneaton would love to here from you, as im now living in Oz

Amy Loss, Fairfield, Illinois USA Community of Christ 27 December 2005

Women's Department studying about congregations around the world. Looking for information. God Bless!

RITA H MATTHEWS 28 November 2005


Tony Crane 26 September 2005

really enjoyed the branch weekend lookimg foward to the mission centre celebration weekend

Tony Crane 05 September 2005

looking forward to the branch weekend

Tony Crane 02 September 2005

great to see a fabulous web page

Janette Yemm (Sutton) 14 June 2005

your site rocks...hope to see some of you in may at Adventurers...

Everyone from Sutton sends their love...

Stacey Cope and Kelly Ridgway (Denton) 20 April 2004

Hello to everyone out there. Just wanted to say how fab we think your website is and how well you have done getting it up and started. hope to see some of you at IYF.

take care
Bye to you all xxx

Andy Smith (Ohio, USA) 26 November 2003

Just Googled Community of Christ and saw a link for your site. Very nice site. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

Ian White 31 January 2003
Holly Nelson-Becker 1 January 2003

My daughter, Alexa Becker, is a freshman at U. of St. Andrews in Scotland and plans to be there for four years. We just found your website (she's home for Christmas break) and enjoyed perusing it. Perhaps she will be able to stop in sometime. Peace and best wishes to you! Holly and Alexa

Ted and Dawn Carr 10 August 2002

To the Saints in the UK---Thank You.

Our youngest son Matthew, our daughter in law Gillian, and our two little grand daughters Eilonwy and Arianwen were given much loving help and assistance by Saints during the recent holidays when many things went wrong for them---the death of Gill's father, along with being stranded by the breakdown of their car.

Many thanks for being a loving community for them!

Ted and Dawn Carr, Australia

victoria carter 08 May. 2002
Martha Krotz (USA) 24 April 2002

Just looking for different Web Sites from the churches throughout the US and found you by accident. What a wonderful site. It is great to see how our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world are reaching out, just like us.

God bless your congregation and all your endevors.

Peace and grace be with you.

Mark Geleta 20 April 2002

Hi nice web site, leicester should be proud of their site, very good, look forward to seeing other branches sites in the future eeerrrr.... cant think of nothing else to say, see ya all soon i hope
Mark x

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