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Guestbook (1998-99)

John -&- Lynne Colman 23 November 1999

Enjoyed reading your pages on the net, keep sharing the news........
in Leiceter and all over the world.......

William Whitchurch 06 October 1999

Hello from the Bartlesville, Oklahoma USA Branch of Tulsa Stake.
We will have our web site up soon, please visit it.
Yours in Christ, William

Rick Ard 28 September 1999

I am a member of the church in Pueblo, Colorado. USA. I was wondering if I might correspond with a member of your congregation as I am interested in how the church is doing in the UK. Thank you.

Thomas and Barbara D 30 May. 1999

Your page is a work of art!

Velton Peabody 26 May. 1999

Greetings from Lamoni, Ia.!

Randall -&- Mary Pratt 05 May. 1999
Richard Chapman 20 February 1999

An interesting site. Maybe the author could tell me how they did it. The Central England District is investigating how to set up its own home page.
Do you know anyone who could help?

Richard Betts 09 February 1999

Well his was a pleasent surprise. Didn't know this was here!! lets hope we can get a few more up and running(so we can boost the ratings!). well done!! (how did you do it). Now get some school work done!!!

Jodie Haines 03 February 1999

Good pages to look at.

Pete -&- Kath Haines 03 February 1999

Enjoyed reading the pages. Well done David, keep up the good work.
Particularly liked the links, especially Outreach International. It's late now so Jodie is in bed, but we will show her very soon.

David -&- Marc Waring 30 January 1999

Well done David it is nice to see Leicester on the internet. Give our love to your Mum -&- Dad and of course Matthew as well.

Jon Troyer 25 January 1999

Nice Page

Graham Wilson 23 January 1999

Great to see Leicester on the net

Simon Holmes 21 January 1999

Its amazing what you can bump into on the Internet when you should be doing work for university! Anyway, most enjoyable browse. Congratulations!

Kara Flowers 12 January 1999

Very nice work, David! I believe I visited the Leicester congregation ten years ago, after having been in Israel for three weeks. I stayed with my aunt and uncle at Ashleigh on Chaucer Street. You were just a little nipper then! Love, Kara. Waltham, Massachusets USA January 12, 1999.

Simon Fellows 07 January 1999

Hey David - your page looks very professional! Jewell suggested Susheilla and I drop in for a look. We think it's COOOOOL!

Richard Holmes 06 January 1999

Great. You're an inspiration to us all in the British Isles to get in together and get some more pages up and running.

Fred, Helen, Matthew 05 January 1999

We are just reading and viewing all the info for the Leicester Congregation Home page. It is really exciting to see our Home Congregation on the web pages. David, you have done a brilliant job and again helped the Leicester congregation be at the forefront/leading the way - does this mean there is hope for our football team yet! Keep up the good work - it's an excellent way to witness.

Mark Riley 31 December 1998

Excellent page - lots of hard work gone into both the content and the presentation (lots of clever frames and animated stuff, even java - bet you used FrontPage to build this!)

Perhaps we could use this as the basis of a British Isles web presence. Hope you get chance to do (fairly) regular updates too!


Alan Riley 31 December 1998

Its good to visit by internet as well as in person.

The page looks great!

Suzanne-&-Wagner Frohm 30 December 1998

IT's very nice to visiting you all, even if virtually.
Suzanne and I are very happy to know you are all praying for
Lot's of Love

The Norton Family 30 December 1998

It's brilliant to see the British Isles on the web. Your hard work and dedication will be rewarded. Happy New Year everyone!

Matthew Bolton 25 December 1998

Well done lad! I will have a look now and then to check up on thing

Dorothy Holmes 22 December 1998

Hello! I really miss seeing you all this year. However I am here at Jewell's and Andrew's. I WANT TO WISH YOU ALL A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR.Love and best wishes, D.L.H.

Jewell 22 December 1998

Wow! It's finally up and running. Congratulations!

Rene -&- Ron 21 December 1998

Neat! We'll check for updates.

The little blue church on Abbey Lane
Leicester Congregation 330 Abbey Lane, Leicester, England