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Guestbook (2001)

Melissa 15 October 2001

I love that you have a web page up available to all (like me) who want to see what it is like in other parts of the world.
from your loving friend,
Melissa (USA)

Glen-&-Twyla Middleton 11 September 2001
Nicola Proctor 25 June 2001

Great to finally get a chance to see the site! congratulations david - a very good job and its so nice to see that people have found it so interesting! its good to see all the messages from everyone too. well done to leicester for getting themselves on the web map! love to you all.
lots of love nicola (and carol, graham adn jenny too - sure they'll want to be mentioned!)

Linda Whiteley 21 June 2001

I enjoyed reading your webpages.I was a Mormon for five years but became disallusiioned.

I am now investigating the community of Christ but do not know my nearest congregation.

I live in Swinton, Manchester. Can anybody help me please.I love your message of Peace and Love.

I'am also Agoraphobic and so would need help getting to meetings.

God Bless You.

Stephen Koehler 21 June 2001

Just a quick hello to the Saints in Leicester, UK. Greetings from the South of the USA Nashville, TN. God bless you in your ministry of hope and peace.

Alan Dart 13 June 2001

I have been looking for my old ward, south sheilds in tyne and wear. I am trying to get in contact with friends to tell them that I have moved to the states to marry my missionary that brought me into the church. If anyone knows anything about lds ward site address's could they please email me with the relavent information. I wood be over the moon. Thank you for you time and attention.

David Crane 23 March 2001

Hi Folks,

I have Missionary friends all around the World. I was raised RLDS in the USA. My Uncle, Alma Andrews was a Seventy and he visited th United Kingdom years ago. I met Andrew Bolton in Indep. MO durin the 1998 World Conference. He was from England. I have been hopin to get in contact with him. May God guide you and Bless you all.

David Crane

Frederick A Crane 11 March 2001

Just logged onto your web page to see how it is going. Just wanted to write you a short note to say that Dunfield House is not advertised as a conference centre any more it's official name is Dunfield House Residential Activity Centre.

Keep up the good work David.

Best wishes from the Crane family (the ones on the Welsh border)

Lauri Poe 13 February 2001

Very nice web page. I have been away from the church for many years and in light of the name change have been re-exploring. I live in Kansas City, Missouri now, grew up in Liberty, Missouri, which is also very near Independence, the location of the temple. Thank you for your efforts here.

Earline Campbell 26 January 2001

Hi everyone at the Leicester Branch. What a thrill for me to see your Web page. Keep up the good work. Tom and I send you our love and prayers for your new possibilities.

Lyanne -&- Harry Putti 21 January 2001

Hi from Australia. We are intending visiting your country in June/July 2001, and hope we may get to share with some of you. We attend a small congregation at Rosanna in Melbourne, Victoria, where we share a great sense of God's love and His Spirit.

Lyanne and Harry Putting.

Ian Crutchley 10 January 2001

hi. hope you are all well in leiceste top site. hope to see you soon.
all our love.
crutchley family

The little blue church on Abbey Lane
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