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Barrie Fox, High Priest creates a devotion for people who are unable to get to a church service each week. Please click on the link below to engage in personal or family devotion time: 

Sunday 9th January Devotion




Letter to the Church 


17th January 2024 


In March 2023, President Stephen M. Veazey invited members and friends into an intentional process to discern the next prophet-president of Community of Christ.  In August, President Veazey experienced a health issue that necessitated a medical leave of absence.  The remaining members of the First Presidency believed the ongoing discernment process should proceed in accordance with the President Veazey's original plan. 

After reviewing succession guidance, scripture, and policies, the First Presidency asked the Council of Twelve Apostles to accept the sacred responsibility of calling the new prophet- president. 

The Church extends its deep gratitude to the apostles for their willingness to assume leadership in the unfolding development.  Their stewardship of the sacred responsibility has been faithfully fulfilled on behalf of the church.  To read the letter from the Council of Twelve regarding the calling and to find out more, click on the link below:


European Peace Colloquy: 15-17 March 2024 at Dunfield House, Kington UK
We would like to personally invite you to the European Peace Colloquy, 15-17 March 2024, at Dunfield House in beautiful countryside on the Welsh/Herefordshire border.


Colloquy means conversation.  So, this weekend is a conversation about peace. Our theme is Peace by Piece / La Paix petit à petit / Stück für Stück zum Frieden. We will have attendees from France, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as England and Wales. 


We will focus on three major subthemes: Environmental Peace and Justice, Social Peace and Justice, and Personal Peace and Justice.Each sub theme will a keynote, and then three workshop options. We will have well qualified, practical speakers who will also bring a spiritual/faith dimension. Some will be Quaker, Anglican, and Community of Christ and so on.  Some will be activists, some academic, some professionally trained. There are going to be children activities.  Please see the programme. 
On Saturday the Prayer for Peace will be for Gaza. 
On Sunday morning the Community of Christ European Peace Award is being given to a Ukrainian Refugee charity,Nadiya, for empowering refugees with opportunities and resources, ensuring a brighter future for those displaced by conflict.  Co-founder Anna is a refugee from Ukraine.  Co-founder Derek is from Wales.
Please book by Friday 16th February to get the early bird discount. 
For further information please contact Andrew Bolton This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.










Other dates for your diary 

Explorers/Adventure Camp - 3-6th May 

Spring Retreat/Walking Week - 13-17th May 

Youth Rally - 15-16th June 


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