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Peace Colloquy - Extended Early Bird Booking

Following the 2018 Europe Peace Colloquy at Dunfield, guest speaker Sam Walton wrote in our Rise magazine, “If Community of Christ wants to live out Jesus’ radical message for peace then myself, Dan [fellow guest speaker], Quakers in Britain and our allies in the ecumenical peace movement all want to work alongside them.”

From March 27th to 29th we have another opportunity to share with those who feel passionately about the peace of Jesus Christ when we gather at Dunfield for the second Europe Peace Colloquy…and we want you to be there to share in this experience with us.

This is a peace event for all ages. It is an opportunity to learn, to share, to challenge and to be challenged. It will also be an opportunity to share with church members and friends from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, French Polynesia, Australia and the USA.

The final part of the weekend will incorporate the British Isles Mission Centre Conference. If you are not able to be at Dunfield for the whole of the weekend, you are invited to come along for the Sunday when we will share in worship, fellowship and a business meeting during which we will be considering a Climate Emergency Resolution.

We want as many people as possible to share in this experience. The current level of bookings means that there is space for others to attend.  So, this week we have started promoting the colloquy to Christian peace-centred groups in the area that we think would be interested in participating.  Since we are only doing this now, we have extended the early booking date until March 10th.

Please visit the Peace Colloquy events page here for more information.


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