Welcome from Richard Barrington, Pastor of the South-West Area

We are a group who meet monthly in homes, by the sea and in the countryside across the South-West to praise God, to learn and grow with each other as we explore our faith story and future.  We are an eclectic group of people who are developing a greater understanding of our calling and mission in life. Our worships are varied and stretch and challenge us out of our comfort zones. We have an open door and we welcome your diversity and uniqueness in a welcoming, warm, lively, friendly bunch of people.

How can I get in touch?

Please contact the pastor Richard Barrington for more information on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

What should I wear?

Come as you are 

Are there any activities for my children/family at your church?

We celebrate the worth of everyone and our children are an important part of our time together. We do not have specific children's classes every time we meet, preferring to learn together from each other.

What other activities can I join in at your church? 

We encounter God through the sacraments of the church which touch lives at important times and places. We offer in this area and as part of our wider church the sacraments of marriage for all people, ordination, the blessing of children, laying on of hands for the sick, evangelist blessing, baptism, confirmation, the Lords Supper (open communion) and funeral services. To engage with our wider church community please check out our events page on this website for dates for cluster worships and planned activities. These include youth camps, family camps, congregation and work weekends etc, along with the opportunity to study, learn and take part in the decision making of our church in the British Isles.


Latest News

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